Under 18 Silver Jubilee Trophy

Holders: Highworth GS (Ashford & Weald SFA)

Presented by Keith Masters in 2003 to commemorate his 25 years as Secretary / Chief Executive of the Kent County FA

Round 1

Limit Date: 5th Oct

Home Away
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Round 2

Limit Date: 19th Oct


Limit Date: 23rd Nov


Limit Date: 14th Dec

Home Away
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All Participants

Dover Christ Church Academy
Folkestone Academy
Sevenoaks School
Tunbridge Wells Girls' GS
Highsted GS
Sandwich TS
Rochester GS
Ursuline College
St Gregory's School
King Henry School
Hayes School
Maidstone GS for Girls
Newstead Wood School
Beths GS
Dane Court GS
Rainham School for Girls
Highworth GS

Past Winners

2002-03 Darrick Wood; 2003-04 Darrick Wood; 2004-05 Simon Langton GGS; 2005-06 Homewood; 2006-07 Bexley GS; 2007-08 Bexleyheath; 2008-09 Priory; 2009-10 Priory; 2010-11 Priory; 2011-12 Priory; 2012-13 Priory; 2013-14 Highsted GS & Rainham SFG; 2014-15 Rainham SFG; 2015-16 Erith; 2016-17 Highworth GS; 2017-18 Highworth GS; 2018-19 Highworth GS.


  • Players must be over 15 and under 18 as at midnight 31st August/1st September 2019 (i.e. in Years 11, 12 and 13 in the 2019-2020 academic year)
  • Matches are 35 minutes each way. Extra time of 10 minutes each way must be played in all games that are level at the end of normal time.  If scores remain level, the tie must be decided by penalties.
  • Schools with players in the KSFA Under 16 Girls Squad must avoid arranging games on dates when the county squad is playing or in the 48 hours prior to a county game (there will be county games on Saturday 7th  September, Saturday 12th October, Saturday 9th November, Saturday 14th December, Saturday 11th January, Saturday 8th February and Saturday 7th March). Schools with players in the Kent Under 16 girls Squad must also avoid arranging games on dates when the county squad has training scheduled(Monday evenings as follows: 2nd September, 7th October, 4th November, 9th December, 6th January, 3rd February, 2nd March).
  • Only players who are in full-time attendance at school (i.e. timetabled for ten morning/afternoon sessions per week) are eligible to play in this competition. Players who spend any part of the normal school day at a football club are ineligible.
  • Players who play in the National Youth League, the English Colleges FA League, the PL/FL Development League or any other league not recognised by the KSFA are ineligible to play in this competition
  • Schools must keep a record of players who play in each game in this competition, which must be made available to the KSFA on request
  • Schools may only field a maximum of three players who were not on the roll of that school in Year 11 (unless they apply to the KSFA for dispensation)
  • Players who play in this competition are not eligible to play in the KSFA White Cup, KSFA 2nd XI Cup, KSFA Under 17 Harry Wiltshire trophy, KSFA Under 16 French Cup, or KSFA Under 16 invicta Trophy
  • Matches must be played as scheduled and, in accordance with the undertakings given by schools when entries were submitted, must avoid curriculum time for playing and travelling whenever possible. Matches can only be played in midweek by mutual agreement – failing such agreement, they must be played on a Saturday
  • The winning school is responsible for entering the result (and the goalscorers for both teams) on the KSFA website within two hours – failure to do so may incur a fine of £10.00.
  • Please fulfil your responsibilities to your own players and to other schools in the competition - withdrawal from the competition may result in a fine of £50.00