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Statistics from current season

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Statistics from current season

Association Opponent Competition DateKick-Off
Medway PSFAvAshford & District PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 16-Nov-2019 -Pending
Canterbury & District PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 07-Dec-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvDover & Deal PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 14-Dec-2019 -Pending
Maidstone PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 04-Jan-2020 -Pending
Bexley PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 12-Oct-2019 -Pending
Dartford & District PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 02-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvWest Kent PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 16-Nov-2019 -Pending
Orpington & Bromley PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 30-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvBSA PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 07-Dec-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvGravesham PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 14-Dec-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvBexley PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 04-Jan-2020 -Pending
Medway PSFAvDartford & District PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 01-Feb-2020 -Pending
West Kent PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 08-Feb-2020 -Pending
Medway PSFAvOrpington & Bromley PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 15-Feb-2020 -Pending
BSA PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 22-Feb-2020 -Pending
Gravesham PSFAvMedway PSFAKSFA Primary Championship 29-Feb-2020 -Pending
Medway PSFAvBrighton, Hove & Portslade PSFAKent Primary Cup & Daniels Trophy 23-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvWest Kent PSFAKent Championship Cup 23-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvWest Kent PSFAGirls Super League 02-Nov-2019 -Pending
Orpington & Bromley PSFAvMedway PSFAGirls Super League 16-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvThanet PSFAGirls Super League 23-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvGravesham PSFAGirls Super League 07-Dec-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvBexley PSFAGirls Super League 14-Dec-2019 -Pending
Brighton, Hove & Portslade PSFAvMedway PSFAGirls Super League 04-Jan-2020 -Pending
Medway PSFAvDartford & District PSFAGirls Super League 11-Jan-2020 -Pending
West Kent PSFAvMedway PSFAGirls Super League 25-Jan-2020 -Pending
Medway PSFAvOrpington & Bromley PSFAGirls Super League 01-Feb-2020 -Pending
Thanet PSFAvMedway PSFAGirls Super League 22-Feb-2020 -Pending
Gravesham PSFAvMedway PSFAGirls Super League 29-Feb-2020 -Pending
Dartford & District PSFAvMedway PSFAKent Girls Super Cup 08-Feb-2020 -Pending
Elmnridge & Runnymeade PSFAvMedway PSFAUnder 11 Gills Shield 02-Nov-2019 -Pending
Medway PSFAvBarking & Dagenham PSFAUnder 11 Girls Cup 07-Dec-2019 -Pending
Association Opponent Competition DateKick-Off
Thanet PSFA 1-1 Medway PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 05-Oct-2019 -Complete
Medway PSFA 3-1 Shepway PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 12-Oct-2019 -Complete
Swale PSFA 1-2 Medway PSFAKSFA Primary Premiership (Bill Carney Trophy) 19-Oct-2019 -Complete
Bexley PSFA 3-1 Medway PSFAGirls Super League 28-Sep-2019 -Complete
Medway PSFA 1-1 Brighton, Hove & Portslade PSFAGirls Super League 05-Oct-2019 -Complete
Dartford & District PSFA 0-1 Medway PSFAGirls Super League 12-Oct-2019 -Complete


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Robert Ellerington

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Becks Barr

Secretary & Child Welfare Officer
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Nick Bone

A Team Manager
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James Rankine

B Team Manager
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Becks Barr

Girls Team Manager
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Affiliated Schools

Statistics from current season

Team PlWDL
Tunbury Primary School0000
Meredale Independent Primary School0000
High Halstow Primary School0000
St Mary's Island Primary School0000
Twydall Primary School0000
Miers Court Primary School0000
Fairview Community Primary School0000
The Academy of Woodlands0000
Elaine Primary Academy0000
St Mary's Catholic Primary School0000
Balfour Junior Academy0000