Under 11 Gills Shield

Holders: Thurrock PSFA

This competition was introduced in 1979 by Tony French, ESFA Council Member 1976-1991, and the trophy was donated by Gillingham Football Club

Round 1

Limit Date: 31st Oct (fixed date)

Round 2

Limit Date: 28th Nov (fixed date)

Fixture Date
Home Away
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Round 3

Limit Date: 23rd Jan (fixed date)

Fixture Date
Home Away
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Limit Date: 20th Feb (fixed date)

Fixture Date
Home Away
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Home Away
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All Participants

Sutton PSFA
West Kent PSFA
Woking PSFA
Dartford & District PSFA
Orpington & Bromley PSFA
Lewisham PSFA
Dover & Deal PSFA
Brighton, Hove & Portslade PSFA
Havering PSFA
Gravesham PSFA
Wandsworth PSFA
Greenwich PSFA
Canterbury & District PSFA
Croydon PSFA
Bexley PSFA
Maidstone PSFA
Elmbridge & Runnymeade PSFA
Medway PSFA
Chelmsford & Mid Essex PSFA
Shepway PSFA
Thurrock PSFA
Thanet PSFA
South London PSFA

Past Winners

1979-80 Woking 2 SE Sussex 0; 1980-81 Merton 1 Bexley 0; 1981-82 Merton 3 SE Sussex 2; 1982-83 Bexley 2 Merton 1; 1983-84 Swanley 3 Bexley 1; 1984-85 Sutton 2 Kingston 1 (aet); 1985-86 Dartford 1 Merton 0; 1986-87 Bexley 1 Sutton 1 (aet); 1987-88 Merton 0 Bexley 0; 1988-89 Sutton 4 Sittingbourne 0; 1989-90 Bexley 3 Medway 0; 1990-91 Lewes 2 Medway 2 (aet); 1991-92 Brighton 3 Sutton 1; 1992-93 Sutton 1 Medway 0; 1993-94 Maidstone 2 Medway 1; 1994-95 Gravesham 1 Dartford 0; 1995-96 Sutton 1 Bexley 0; 1996-97 Gravesham 1 Brighton 1; 1997-98 Dartford 4 Brighton 2; 1998-99 Bexley 2 Sutton 0; 1999-00; Croydon 2 Kingston 0; 2000-01 Information wanted! 2001-02 Dartford 2 Brighton 1; 2002-03 Brighton 2 Croydon 0; 2003-04 Dover 1 Gravesham 0; 2004-05 Dover 2 Dartford 1; 2005-06 Brighton 1 Gravesham 0 (aet); 2006-07 Bexley3 Croydon 1; 2007-08 Lewisham 4 West Kent 0; 2008-09 Thurrock 0 West Kent 1; 2009-10 BSA 0 Lewisham 4; 2010-11 Barking & Dagenham 1 Lewisham 3; 2011-12 Maidstone 1 Bexley 0 (aet); 2012-13 Orpington 2 Medway 3 (aet); 2013-14 Orpington 1 West Kent 0; 2014-15 West Kent 3 Lewisham 4 (aet); 2015-16 Bexley 1 Orpington 0 (aet); 2016-17 Brighton 1 Orpington 5; 2017-18 Gravesham 5 v Thurrock 1; 2018-19 Thurrock 5 v Sutton 3.


Bexley 6 times winners, Sutton 5, Brighton 4, Lewisham 4, Gravesham 3, Merton 3, Croydon 3, Dartford 3, Medway 2, Dover 2, Orpington 2, Woking 1, Swanley 1, Lewes 1, West Kent 1, Thurrock 1


The Competition Secretary is Mike Springett: 01689 826723 (H); 07952 837942 (M); [email protected] Please refer all issues/queries direct to him.

Matches should be played on the FIXED DATES as indicated. If a match is postponed because of inclement weather/unfit pitch it MUST be re-arranged for the following Saturday (and on successive Saturdays until played), and will take priority over all other matches in other competitions. The home district is responsible for confirming match arrangements with its opponents at least two weeks in advance of the fixed date, and for appointing a match referee.

Results should be entered on the KSFA website: www.ksfa.org.uk

The result will automatically be sent to the Competition Secretary via the website


RULES – SEASON 2020-21

  1. The competitions are ESFA Regional Competitions and shall be known as: The Under 16 Croydon Challenge Trophy (C); The Under 14 Eagles Trophy (E); The Under 13 Wimbledon Challenge Cup (W); The Under 12 Patrick Haugh Trophy (H); The Under 11 Gills Shield (G); The U11 Girls Trophy (GI). They are registered with the ESFA by the Kent Schools FA.         
  2. Entry shall be open to invited Local Associations in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Other Local Associations in the South-east may also be invited to compete by the KSFA. All participating Local Associations must be affiliated to the ESFA and to their County SFA.  Participating Associations must field their A team (these are not competitions for B teams).
  3. The competitions shall be controlled and managed by the Kent SFA, which will deal with any reported misconduct; levy an administration charge and, where appropriate, a fine (in accordance with the FA Schedule) will be levied. The KSFA may appoint a Competition Secretary.
  4. The Competition Secretary is responsible for resolving disputes. Any protest must be made in writing and postmarked no later than three days after the date on which the dispute occurred. A fee of £50 must accompany the protest; this shall be forfeited if the protest is not upheld. There shall be no further right of appeal.
  5. Only bona-fide children receiving full time education in accordance with the Education Acts, on the roll of a school affiliated to an association (which in turn must be affiliated to the ESFA) and who meet the age criteria in Rule 6 shall be allowed to take part in this competition. Associations cannot include players whose schools are within another association’s boundaries or from unaffiliated schools within their area. If a player moves to an unaffiliated school during the season he will cease to be eligible to appear for that association; similarly, if a player is planning to move to an affiliated school from an unaffiliated one, he is not eligible to play until that move is completed.
  6. Players ages shall be: C over 15 / Under 16; E over 13 / under 14; W over 12 / under 13; H over 11 / under 12; G over 10 / under 11; GI over 9 / under 11; all at midnight between 31st August / 1st September at the start of the season. No player is allowed to play for more than one Association in the same season unless permission has been obtained from the ESFA Area Council Member. Players may not play in more than one of these competitions. Mixed teams of girls / boys are allowed as per current FA Rules. Substitutes: 5 permitted from 5 named to the referee prior to the start of the match. Substituted players may return to the field of play at any time and for any reason, except to replace a player who has been sent from the field of play by the referee under Law 12.
  7. The Home Association shall make arrangements for the match on the fixed date stipulated, and shall confirm match arrangements with opponents at least two weeks in advance. Where it is practicable (and particularly where long journeys are involved), teams to make every effort to have a back-up ground (preferably all-weather) that they can use if their main ground is unplayable for any reason. Matches postponed as a consequence of inclement weather/unfit pitches must be re-arranged for the following Saturday (and for successive Saturdays until played), and will take priority over all other matches in other competitions. Matches may be played on 3G / 4G pitches which have a current FA Safety Certificate.
  8. All matches shall be controlled by a qualified, neutral referee appointed by the Home Association. Each Association shall supply an adult to act as assistant referee.
  9. The Home Association shall meet the expense of staging the match, including the cost of providing after-match refreshments (which should always be provided for both teams and match officials) and offering a fee to the match official (recommended fee = £20, to include travelling expenses). The Away Association shall be responsible for its travelling expenses. Any profit (other than in a final) may be used at the discretion of the Home Association.
  10. Duration of matches, format, size of ball and minimum pitch requirements shall be as follows:




Extra Time

Size of Ball

Minimum Pitch Size

Under 16 Croydon


2 x 40 mins

2 x 10 mins


100 x 60 yds

Under 14 Eagles


2 x 35 mins

2 x 10 mins


90 x 55 yds

Under 13 Wimbledon


2 x 35 mins

2 x 10 mins


90 x 55 yds

Under 12 Haugh


2 x 30 mins

2 x 10 mins


75 x 45 yds

Under 11 Gills


2 x 25 mins

2 x 5 mins


75 x 45 yds

Under 11 Girls


2 x 25 mins

2 x 5 mins


75 x 45 yds

Extra time must be played in all cup matches prior to the final in which the scores are level at the end of normal playing time. (Note that, if in the opinion of the referee extra time cannot be started or completed, the match shall be deemed complete at the end of normal time and penalties shall be taken accordingly.) If scores remain level at the end of extra time, the tie will be decided by penalties, in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Referees Chart. If scores in a final remain level at the end of extra time, the trophy will be shared. Matches may be played on 3G /4G surfaces that have a current FA Licence.   

Both Associations must notify the result by entering it on the Kent Schools Football Association website – www.ksfa.org.uk – within 24 hours of the game.

  1. Kit: in the event of a clash of colours, the Away Association shall change. Teams should wear numbered shirts.
  2. Each team must carry a comprehensive first aid kit and have a qualified first aider available at the game
  3. Decisions of the referees and assistant referees are to be accepted without question. In all cup games, managers / coaches should not, under any circumstances, appeal, moan, complain or question the referee. The only communication between managers / coaches and the match officials during the game should be (a) making substitutions (which should be done from the halfway line) and (b) issues relating to health & safety. More than anything else, the role of managers & coaches is to set the correct example to the players involved (and to all adult spectators).
  4. The conduct of all parents and other supporters of a team is the direct and complete responsibility of the official(s) of that team. It is expected that, where there are no barriers, spectators should be one side of the pitch, while the manager/coaches are on the other side. A respect barrier or equivalent should be used where possible and technical boxes should be marked and adhered to. The recommended size is 10yds x 2yds with 3yd gap between.
  5. The finals shall be staged at times and at places to be determined by the Competition Secretary. Sixteen mementoes (14 in the case of 9 a side competitions) will be supplied to each Association reaching a final. The winning Association shall be responsible for engraving the trophy, insuring it, replacing or repairing it if necessary and returning it to the Competition Secretary when required to do so, bearing all necessary costs. 

The following arrangements will apply to Finals:

GENERAL - Reaching a Regional Final represents a commendable achievement on the part of the players and staff involved and it is important that the style in which such finals are staged and presented reflects that achievement, as well as projecting the best possible image of schools’ football. A good venue, refreshments, programmes and publicity are all essential ingredients to the success of SE Finals.

GROUND - Please avoid agreeing to pay any ground charges – we hope that clubs will support schools’ football by offering the use of their grounds for such finals

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS - A gate must be taken and the Home Association should provide two adults to “man” the turnstiles. Admission prices for all SE Finals are £6.00 for adults (including a match programme) and £3.00 for children.  Do not vary these charges, and note that all spectators (including players’ parents) must pay. Associations are responsible for notifying parents and other potential spectators in advance of these charges.  After the match, the Home Association must send all match receipts to the ESFA Council Member (cheque to be made payable to Kent SFA), who will allocate profits, having taken into account the costs of running the competitions and the purchase of medals.

PROGRAMMES - The Home Association should produce a match programme. To assist in its compilation, the Away Association is asked to send details (squad information, route to the final, photograph) at least 14 days before the final.

MATCH OFFICIALS - the Home Association should appoint a referee and two assistants. The Home Association is responsible for any expenses incurred by the match officials

PUBLICITY - Both finalists should publicise their final as much as possible by giving plenty of advance notice to:

* Parents                * Local schools        * Local and County newspapers             * Local radio

SPECTATORS - Finalists are responsible for the conduct of their spectators and supporters.

MATCH BALLS - Both finalists must provide the match referee with two footballs of the appropriate size.  Each team must provide its own practice balls.

PLAYERS – To present a positive image of schools’ football, players should arrive at and depart from the final smartly dressed in school uniform or similar. Jeans, T-shirts, training shoes and other items of a casual nature are inappropriate. On the field of play, appearance and conduct are extremely important. Players should be attired in identical team kit, with numbered shirts (corresponding exactly to the numbers printed in the match programme). Visible undergarments should not be worn.  Team managers are responsible for ensuring that the conduct of players on and off the field of play is exemplary. Decisions of match officials must be accepted instantly and without question and sporting behaviour in keeping with a prestigious schools’ event is expected at all times.

REFRESHMENTS - Refreshments for both squads of players, team officials, match officials and other guests should be provided and financed by the Home Association (rather than being set as an expense against the gate income). The Away Association is responsible for meeting the cost of its transport to the final.

TROPHY & MEMENTOES – The Competitions Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the trophy is at the final. The trophy will be presented at the end of the final. Sixteen individual engraved mementoes will be presented to players of each of the finalists.

SPONSORSHIP - Finalists are welcome to obtain match sponsorship and acknowledgements can be made in the programme.