Girls Super League

Holders: Bexley Primary SFA

9 v 9 Tournament Event for Year 6 Players Only

All Participants

Thanet PSFA
Orpington & Bromley PSFA
West Kent PSFA
Croydon PSFA
Brighton, Hove & Portslade PSFA
Dartford & District PSFA
Bexley PSFA

Past Winners

2016-17 Orpington; 2017-18 Thanet; 2018-19 Bexley.


Matches should kick-off at 10.00. This time can be varied by mutual agreement, or when the away team has a journey of more than 50 miles (one direction), or when the KSFA deems it necessary for there to be an earlier or later kick-off.

Important: A girl who plays in the Girls Super League is ineligible to play in the Primary Premiership, Primary Cup, Daniels Trophy and Primary Championship.