Dover SFA



Statistics from current season

PlayedWonDrewLostGoals ForGoals Against


Statistics from current season

Association Opponent Competition DateKick-Off
Canterbury St Augustines SFA 4-0 Dover SFAUnder 12 AB Taylor Trophy & Holy Cross Cup 13-Oct-2018 -Complete
Dover SFA 3-0 Swale SFAUnder 12 AB Taylor Trophy & Holy Cross Cup 10-Nov-2018 -Complete
Canterbury St Augustines SFA 6-3 Dover SFAUnder 13 Charles Harvey & Twenty Twelve Trophies 03-Nov-2018 -Complete
Dover SFA 1-2 Thanet SFAUnder 15 Fletcher Trophy 10-Sep-2018 19:30Complete
Ashford & Weald SFA 2-0 Dover SFAUnder 15 Fletcher Trophy 15-Oct-2018 19:30Incomplete A
Swale SFA 3-5 Dover SFAUnder 15 Fletcher Trophy 05-Nov-2018 19:30Complete
South-East Sussex SFA 2-0 Dover SFAUnder 14 Eagle's Trophy 03-Nov-2018 -Incomplete A


Under 12's

Boys Squad

Under 13's

Boys Squad

Under 14's

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Boys Squad


P. Sutcliffe


To contact P., please do so through one of the other contacts.

Gordon Bryant

Secretary & Child Welfare Officer
01843 847454
Send me an email

Adrian Hill

Under 12 Team Manager
07595 607005
Send me an email

Pat Sutcliffe

Under 13 Team Manager
07827 019362
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Paul Hignett

Under 14 Team Manager
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Affiliated Schools

Statistics from current season

Team PlWDL
Dover Christ Church Academy171403
Dover GS for Boys2211110
Dover GS for Girls2101
Goodwin Academy3201
Sandwich TS17827
Sir Roger Manwood's Sch.10604
Dover College5203
St Edmund's Catholic School8008