East Kent Premier Division

Holders: Tunbridge Wells GS for Boys

All Participants

Borden GS
Dover GS for Boys
Maidstone GS for Boys
Oakwood Park GS
Dane Court GS
Harvey GS for Boys
Norton Knatchbull School
Queen Elizabeth's GS
Simon Langton GS for Boys

Past Winners

1979-80 Dane Court; 1980-81 Maidstone SFB; 1981-82 Simon Langton; 1982-83 Harvey GS; 1983-84 Harvey GS; 1984-85 Dover GS; 1985-86 Oakwood Park; 1986-87 Harvey GS; 1987-88 Harvey GS; 1988-89 Maidstone GS; 1989-90 Harvey GS; 1990-91 Harvey GS; 1991-92 Harvey GS; 1992-93 Harvey GS; 1993-94 Simon Langton; 1994-95 Dover GS; 1995-96 Borden GS; 1996-97 Harvey GS; 1997-98 Harvey GS; 1998-99 Maplesden Noakes; 1999-00 Maidstone GS; 2000-01 Harvey GS; 2001-02 Maidstone GS; 2002-03 Maidstone GS; 2003-04 Maidstone GS.; 2004-05 Maidstone GS; 2005-06 Harvey GS; 2006-07 Tunbridge Wells GS. 2007-08 Tunbridge Well GS; 2008-09 Simon Langton GS; 2009-10 Tunbridge Wells GS; 2010-11 Maidstone GS; 2011-12 Maidstone GS; 2012-13 Tunbridge Wells GS; 2013-14 Simon Langton GS; 2014-15 Tunbridge Wells GS; 2015-16; Dane Court GS; 2016-17 Tunbridge Wells GS.


  • 4th October (Round 1), 8th November (Round 2), 6th December (Round 3), 13th January (q-f) and 3rd February (s-f) are KSFA Under 19 White Cup fixed dates - cup games will take priority when there is a clash and the league fixture will be rescheduled.
  • All league games must be played as scheduled and results submitted within 24 hours of each game.
  • All games must be played on or before Wednesday 20th December