East Kent Division 1

Holders: Valley Park School

All Participants

Aylesford School - Sports College
Highworth GS
Holcombe GS
Kent College, Canterbury
New Line Learning
Sittingbourne CC
Valley Park School
Homewood School
Mascalls Academy
Royal Harbour Academy

Past Winners

1995-96 Dane Court GS; 1996-97 Info Required; 1997-98 Info Required; 1998-99 Info Required; 1999-00 Info Required; 2000-01 Info Required; 2001-02 Info Required; 2002-03 Info Required; 2003-04 Dane Court GS; 2004-05 Homewood; 2005-06 Dane Court GS; 2006-07 Howard; 2007-08 Homewood; 2008-09 Sittingbourne CC; 2009-10 Marsh Academy & Howard - Trophy shared; 2010-11 Westlands; 2011-12 Howard; 2012-13 Howard; 2013-14 Chatham GS; 2014-15 Chatham GS; 2015-16 Chatham GS; 2016-17 Valley Park.


  • 4th October (Round 1), 8th November (Round 2), 6th December (Round 3), 13th January (q-f) and 3rd February (s-f) are KSFA Under 19 White Cup fixed dates. Cup games will take priority when there is a clash and the league fixture will be rescheduled.
  • All league games must be played as scheduled and results submitted within 24 hours of each game.
  • All games must be played on or before Wednesday 20th December