Under 12's v Millwall FC

Wednesday, 16th February 2022

When arriving at the Millwall training facilities in very wet and windy conditions, we went straight to the changing rooms so the team could meet up before we went to warm up and went through our drills. Before the match had started the venue had trouble with the floodlights not working and we thought the match may not go ahead. Eventually the lights worked!

In the first quarter we had a lot of chances, but they only had one and scored it with one minute left to go with only a little bit of space between the keeper and the ball.

During the second quarter, again they had barely any chances but still scores a goal from one of them, even when we were all playing quite well. Millwall then scored two quick goals at the end of the quarter.

In the third quarter they had a lot of attacks, but we still had good pressure when they were at the back with the ball. They also had a lot of runs down the wings but our defence stopped them from getting any crosses so they could score.

The last quarter they had barely any chances but still got a goal that just squeezed in. In the last ten minutes we were dominating all over the pitch they were not getting a single chance. With a few minutes left to go we had a free kick, it was so close I thought we had scored but it just went on the outside of the netting.

Marli Collier