U12 Boys vs Sussex

Saturday, 16th February 2019

Sussex v Kent
16/02/2019 at The Dorothy Stringer School

Kent started the game with intensity and within the few minutes of the first quarter we got our first goal. Oliver Driscoll played a lovely through ball to George Beaumont who saw the keeper was off his line, giving him the opportunity to strike the ball confidently into the back of the net. It was a couple of minutes later that Jesse Derry crossed the ball to Jimmy Heasman who scored in the bottom corner to double our lead.  

After Jimmy’s great finish a penalty was appealed for their team, as the ref saw an apparent ‘hand ball’. They scored the penalty making the score 2-1.  Both of our goalkeepers, Carter and Chris, played exceptionally to keep the game flowing and to not concede the many shots that the opposition had taken at them.  

We had moved on to the second quarter now and Kent still dominated the position in the middle of the pitch with our midfielders Max, Harvey, Harry Clout and Jimmy, with Jecy up front.  It was later on in the second quarter, that Sussex scored a goal to try and put themselves back into the game. However, there was no way that Jayden going to let them do that, and he scored a fantastic goal to make it 4-2.

It was towards the middle of the third quarter that a lofted ball was launched into the box when Harry Waldock hit an amazing header into the bottom corner of the net. This put us 5-2 up.  

It was late in the fourth quarter and our defenders Hugo, Brandon Harvey, Leon, Ellis and Oliver were all solid to keep us in the lead and were eager to win. We also managed to get two more cracking goals from Jesse and Jayden - Jayden’s a great touch to lead to a left footed finish and Jesse’s a fabulous jumping header to top the score off with a 6-3 win. 

All in all, Kent dominated the match and showed team spirit.  

By George Beaumont