Monday, 30th October 2017

During Term 1, the KSFA received a significant number of requests from schools seeking permission to play matches after the deadline date for the round. In some cases, games were played after the limit date without any permission having been sought.

We were sympathetic to requests for games to be played up to the Thursday after the limit date, but games that had not been played within this extension period were deemed void.

With effect from the beginning of Term 2, we will expect all schools to adhere to the published limit dates. This will enable the competitions to run to schedule and ensure that subsequent rounds are not delayed as a result of schools having failed to play matches on time.

Schools are asked not to request an extension. The answer will be no. In making this clear, our intention is to avoid having to deal with in excess of the thirty or so requests a week that we received in Term 1 – quite simply, we do not have the time as volunteers to cope with that additional workload.

Where schools are unable to agree on a date, the game must be played on the actual limit date. In all cases, this is a Saturday. Where a school has players who have been selected for district or county teams on that limit date, the district or county will take priority.

Matches in the later rounds of KSFA are scheduled to be played on fixed dates – these are on the KSFA website. Schools should anticipate the need to play on those dates and plan accordingly. Again, we do not expect to receive any requests to play on a different date – the answer will be no. The only exceptions will be if a school has a goalkeeper or two or more outfield players playing for the county on the date in question, or if a county manager is similarly affected.

For all matches, results must be submitted straightaway via the KSFA website. If a result has not been received by midday on the Monday after a published limit / fixed date, the game will automatically be deemed void.