Under 14 Girls C & S Trophy

Holders: Competition not held in Season 2020-21 because of Covid

Round 1

Limit Date: 2nd Oct

Round 2

Limit Date: 16th Oct

Round 3

Limit Date: 20th Nov


Limit Date: 18th Dec


Limit Date: 15th Jan (fixed date)


Limit Date: 1st Mar (fixed date)

Fixture Date
- There are no fixtures to show -

All Participants

Walderslade Girls' School
Highsted GS
Cornwallis Academy
Fulston Manor School
Abbey School
Rainham School for Girls
Queen Elizabeth's GS
Simon Langton Girls' GS
Canterbury Academy
Oasis Academy (IOSA)
Tunbridge Wells Girls' GS
Westlands School
Invicta GS
Rainham Mark GS
Rochester GS
Sittingbourne School
Chatham & Clarendon GS
Dover GS for Girls
Dover Christ Church Academy
Saint Anselm's Catholic School
Sir Roger Manwood's Sch.
Ursuline College
Coopers School
Stationers' Crown Woods Academy
Darrick Wood School
Harris Academy Falconwood
Orchards Academy
Bishop Justus C of E School
Bromley High School
Trinity C of E School
Charles Darwin School
Bonus Pastor Catholic College
Cleeve Park School
Dartford GS for Girls
Farringtons School
Harris Academy Beckenham
Hayes School
Stone Lodge School
Woolwich Polytechnic SFG
Bexleyheath Academy
St John's RC Comp School
St Paul's Academy
Langley Park SFG
Thomas Tallis School
Charles Dickens School
Herne Bay High School
Towers School
Dane Court GS
Marsh Academy
Highworth GS
John Wallis C of E Academy
Royal Harbour Academy
North School
St Augustine Academy
Homewood School
New Line Learning
Meopham School
St Gregory's School
Sevenoaks School
Valley Park School
Sandwich TS
Bullers Wood School for Girls

Past Winners

2002-03 Chaucer T.C.; 2003-04 Beaverwood SFG; 2004-05 Bexleyheath; 2005-06 Walmer Science College; 2006-07 Dane Court GS & Fort Pitt GS; 2007-08 Bexleyheath; 2008-09 Westlands; 2009-10 Bexleyheath; 2010-11 Rainham SFG; 2011-12 Charles Darwin; 2012-13 Rainham SFG; 2013-14 Rainham SFG; 2014-15 St Paul's; 2015-16 Harris Academy, Falconwood; 2016-17 Hayes; 2017-18 Valley Park; 2018-19 Charles Darwin; 2019-20 Bullers Wood & Invicta GS - Trophy shared; 2020-21 No competition - Covid; 2021-22 Towers.


  • Players must be over 12 and under 14 as at midnight 31st August/1st September 2021 (i.e. in Years 8 and 9 in the 2020-2021 academic year). Year 7 pupils are not eligible to play in this competition.
  • Matches are 30 minutes each way. Extra time of 10 minutes each way must be played in all games that are level at the end of normal time.  If scores remain level, the tie must be decided by penalties.
  • Players who play in this competition are not eligible to play in the KSFA U14 Wilf Armory Trophy, The KSFA U15 Portex Cup or the KSFA U13 Kent Messenger Shield
  • Schools with players in the KSFA Under 14 Girls Squad must avoid arranging games on dates when the county squad is playing or in the 48 hours prior to a county game (there will be county games on Saturday 11th September, Saturday 9th October, Saturday 13th November, Saturday 11th December, Saturday 8th January, Saturday 12th February and Saturday 12th March). Schools with players in the Kent Under 14 girls Squad must also avoid arranging games on dates when the county squad has training scheduled(Monday evenings as follows: 6th September, 4th October, 8th November, 6th December, 6th January, 7th February, 7th March).
  • The winning school is responsible for entering the result (and the goalscorers for both teams) on the KSFA website within two hours – failure to do so may incur a fine of £10.00.
  • Schools are expected to fulfil their responsibilities to their own players and to other schools in the competition - withdrawal from the competition may be subject to a fine of £50.00