Under 19 Academies League Cup

Holders: This competition did not take place in Season 2020-21 because of Covid

Round 1

Limit Date: 20th Oct (fixed date)

Round 2

Limit Date: 17th Nov (fixed date)


Limit Date: 26th Jan (fixed date)


Limit Date: 9th Feb (fixed date)

Fixture Date
- There are no fixtures to show -

All Participants

Harris Academy Falconwood
Herne Bay High School
Ravensbourne School
Wrotham School
Holcombe GS
Abbey School
Bexleyheath Academy
Greenacre Academy
St George's C of E School (B'stairs)
Ravens Wood School
Marsh Academy
Haberdashers' Askes Knights Ac.
Victory Academy
Brompton Academy
Halley Academy
Ursuline College
Canterbury Academy
North Kent College
Coopers School
Bishop Justus C of E School
Cleeve Park School
Dover Christ Church Academy
Hugh Christie School
Sandwich TS
Archbishops School
Ashford College

Past Winners

2104-15 Maplesden Noakes; 2015-16 Ravens Wood; 2016-17 Towers; 2017-18 Abbey; 2018-19 Ravens Wood; 2019-20 Abbey v North Kent College; 2020-21 No competition - Covid.


  • Players must be over 16 and under 19 as at midnight 31st August/1st September 2021 (i.e. in Years 12, 13 and 14 in the 2021-2022 academic year). PUPILS OF YEAR 11 AGE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN THIS COMPETITION
  • Only players who are in full-time attendance at school/college (i.e. timetabled for ten morning/afternoon sessions per week) are eligible to play inthe KSFA Academies League.
  • Players that play in the KSFA Academies Cup are not allowed to play in any other KSFA cup competition
  • Players registered with the National Football Youth League, the National League U19 Alliance, the PL/FL Development League, the English Colleges FA League, or any other league not recognised by KSFA are not eligible to play in the KSFA Academies Cup.
  • Schools / colleges are expected to fulfill their responsibilities to their own players and to other schools / colleges in the competition - withdrawal from the competition may be subject to a fine of £50.00
  • Schools / colleges must keep a record of players who play in each game in this competition, which must be made available to the KSFA on request
  • Matches must be played as scheduled on the fixed dates. The fixed dates are arranged to prevent clashes with matches in the KSFA Academies League. Schools / colleges participating in ESFA Competitions must avoid KSFA dates when arranging matches. All games must be played as scheduled.
  • The winning school is responsible for entering the result (and the goalscorers for both teams) on the KSFA website within two hours - failure to do so may incur a fine of £10.00.