Under 13 Charles Harvey & Twenty Twelve Trophies

Charles Harvey Joint Holders: Brighton SFA & North Kent SFA ~ Twenty Twelve Holders: Bromley SFA

Fixture Date
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Twenty-Twelve Trophy Quarter-Finals

Limit Date: 9th Feb (fixed date)

Charles Harvey Trophy Semi-Finals

Limit Date: 9th Feb (fixed date)

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Twenty-Twelve Trophy Semi-Finals

Limit Date: 2nd Mar (fixed date)

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All Participants

Shepway SFA
Swale SFA
Maidstone SFA
Thanet SFA
Canterbury St Augustines SFA
Dover SFA
Brighton, Hove & District SFA
Blackheath SFA
Medway SFA
North Kent SFA
Gravesham SFA
West Kent SFA
Bromley & District SFA

Past Winners

Charles Harvey Trophy Past Winners
1965-66 Dover; 1966-67 Blackheath; 1967-68 Thames-side; 1968-69 Blackheath; 1969-70 Blackheath; 1970-71 Blackheath; 1971-72 Blackheath; 1972-73 Blackheath; 1973-74 Blackheath; 1974-75 Blackheath; 1975-76 North Kent; 1976-77 North West Kent; 1977-78 North Kent; 1978-79 North West Kent; 1979-80 North Kent; 1980-81 North Kent; 1981-82 Bromley & Thanet - Trophy shared; 1982-83 Gravesham; 1983-84 North Kent; 1985-86 Swale; 1986-87 North Kent; 1987-88 North Kent; 1988-89 Gravesham & Maidstone - Trophy shared; 1989-90 North Kent; 1990-91 Maidstone; 1991-92 North Kent; 1992-93 North Kent; 1993-94 North Kent; 1994-95 Maidstone; 1995-96 North Kent & Bromley - Trophy shared; 1996-97 North Kent; 1997-98 North Kent; 1998-99 Bromley; 1999-00 Bromley; 2000-01 North Kent; 2001-02 North Kent; 2002-03 North Kent; 2003-04 Bromley; 2004-05 Bromley; 2005-06 Bromley; 2006-07 Bromley & North Kent; 2007-08 North Kent; 2008-09 Ashford & Weald & Gravesham - Trophy shared; 2009-10 Canterbury & North Kent - Trophy shared; 2010-11 Maidstone; 2011-12 Bromley; 2012-13 Gravesham; 2013-14 Gravesham & Maidstone - Trophy shared; 2014-15 North Kent; 2015-16 North Kent; 2016-17 North Kent; 2017-18 Brighton & North Kent - Trophy shared.

Twenty Twelve Trophy Past Winners
2012-13 North Kent; 2013-14 Bromley; 2014-15 West Kent; 2015-16 Ashford; 2016-17 West Kent; 2017-18 Bromley.


Districts participating in the ESFA Under 13 Inter-Association Trophy must ensure that they avoid the dates below when arranging matches.

Note: ESFA U13 Inter-District Trophy dates are as follows: R1 Saturday 13th October; R2 Saturday 10th November; R3 Saturday 8th December; R4 Saturday 12th January; R5 Saturday 9th February, R6 Saturday 9th March. Districts involved in this competition should plan to play on these dates (as they are entitled to insist on in accordance with ESFA rules) to avoid any clash with the above KSFA dates.